I've Already Had The Best
As I Sit Here In Silence,
As I Often Do.
I Can't Help Remembering,
The Good Times I Spent With You,
You Made Me So Happy,
And Everyday Was The Very Same.
My Eyes Lit  Up When I Would Hear,
The Mention Of Your Name.
I Am So Lonely, And So Sad Now
That You Are Gone.
But I Couldn't Bear To See You Suffer,
And Was Glad When God Called You Home.
You Told Me Not To Worry,
And You Told Me Not To Cry.
You Just Don't Know My Darling,
Just How Hard I Try. 
But I Can't Help Remembering
The Good Times That We Had.
When We Were Together
The Good Out Weighed The Bad.
I Miss Everything About You.
The Good Times And The Sad.
All The Things We Did Together,
All The Fun We Had.
Now, It's Very Different,
I Feel Like A Lonesome Dove.
So Darling Would You Mind,
If I Had Someone Else To Love?
Life For Me Is Empty,
And The Days Long And Drear.
I Need Someone To Love Me,
Just Like You Did My Dear.
I'm Not Trying To Replace You,
For That Can Never Be.
The Love We Shared Together,
Was Special Made For You And Me.
Through It All I Know Your With Me.
And Always Will Be In My Heart.
Now I Long Once More To Be Happy,
Like We Were From The Start.
What We Shared Was True Love.
That Stood Any Test.
I'm Not Looking For A Love Like Ours.
Because, I've Already Had The Best
June Cales 12-12-02


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