Go Ahead and Hit Me Dad


Go ahead and hit me Dad, Cause I won't feel the pain. 

I don't feel your hits, It's like flowers feeling the rain.

Beat me up real good this time, And you'll feel better, Dad. 

I probably deserve it, Cause I know that I've been bad.

I probably didn't speak low enough, Or maybe walked too slow. 

I'm not sure, just what I did, But it's not for me to know.

I may have done some evil thing, Or some other thing I shouldn't. 

I should have washed your car today, But I'm too small I couldn't.

So go ahead and hit me hard, Then hit me ten times more. 

Slam my head against the wall, Then knock me to the floor.

Break my arm like you did last year, Leave me cut and bleeding.

Whip me up real bad this time, You know that's what your needing.

I don't know how to be real good, To be the perfect son. 

I know you didn't want me, I'm just "a useless son".

I know I messed your life up, By just being born. 

But I think somehow you love me, Tho inside you're torn.

I understand the way you feel, I really do, it's true. 

You've told me how your life might be, "If it hadn't been for you".

So it's OK if I'm abused, It's how YOU feel what matters. 

I don't mind the hand me downs, And wearing rags and tatters.

You need your space, I understand, So in my box I'll go. 

It's safe and warm inside of here, My face I won't show.

I'll be real quiet, while you drink, The booze that brings you sleep. 

Then I'll clean up the house again, But you won't hear a peep.

On Tipp toe, I'll move around, And iron your pants for you.

I'll press your shirts, and fold your socks, And clean the bathroom too.

The big iron that you bought is nice, Tho my hands are small.

But I'm growing every day you see, I'm nearly four feet tall.

Sometimes I wish I had a dog, To spend some time with me.

But I know we can't afford it, Since you bought that big TV.

But I don't turn it on, not once, When I am here alone.

I know it's yours, that it's not mine, There's nothing that I own.

Thank you for the food you gave, I really like the beans.

And thank you for the sneakers you found, They match my ragged jeans.

I'm thankful that I have you Dad, I hope that you won't sell me.

And I know you love me, in your own way, Tho you never tell me.

So go ahead and hit me Dad, The doctors will fix me up and pill me.

And if it brings the peace you seek, Just go ahead and kill me.

By Beto

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