The Glow You Brought In My Life


The smiles and expressions that you show me

Helps me see the glow in your heart.

By the warm words that you use when you speak to me

By the way you view everything positive in life

These are the things that you do to me, that not even I can describe

That smile you give to me, captures my heart

You have this glow in you, 

A glow that with words I can't describe

It is a sensational feeling that someone really cares about me.

In a world that's full of hurt and loneliness that makes me even cry

because of your presence and your glow

when you stand in front of me I never want to say the word Goodbye.

The negative things in my life, Become positive, I wanted you to know

Yes its you that gives me life with your magical glow


If someone out there has found someone so special

don't loose that friendship, be honest and don't lie

Tell them how special they make you feel

Let them know the happiness they brought in your life

Tell them the warm feelings are real

Let them know they gave your heart a new light

This poem I write to you my friend

Is a way of telling you how much your friendship is worth.

Please never stop being happy 

For only you make me realize the value of life.