Give Me A Chance

I hear your voice, and feel your pain

Thinking you need a new light in your life.

The life you have, is dark & full of nothing but pain.

The beauty you used to see is not the same. 

Not wanting to even have me as a friend.

For youíre friends, have only let you down.

This is a sign that you should now forget your past.

If you continue to hide from this world,

"a life like this wonít last."


I feel like you have now given up,

on finding that special someone in your life.

Closing your self and not wanting to trust.

Not giving me a chance to become a good friend.

You seem to no longer care, your still holding such pain.

Lost in your hurt, having a broken heart

that controls your feelings each day.


Hear me out, listen to the words I have to say.

Life is about living it happy each moment

Tomorrow will be a new morning.

And you canít turn back yesterday

Donít waste you eyes on letting tears fall.

Look at all the beauty that you hold inside.

I am here to pick you up when you fall

Bringing out this beauty, I know you hold deep inside.

Let no man or friend make you feel this way

A true friend or a lover, would have never walked away

I am not asking you to love me

Not telling you I can take your pain away.

All I am asking is for a chance.

For us to become real good friends.


I wonít walk away from you,

I would always be there when everyone has walked away.

I wont hurt your heart as it was hurt in your past.

I will fill it with true love and do my best to make it last.

I know these words are simple to say

I know there not easy to believe.

But give me a chance I ask today

Donít know how to let you see, I am not telling you lies.

I do want to get to know you

Give me a chance to give you a new light.

I ask for nothing, nor ask for nothing back.

All I ask is for you to give me a chance

Let me give you the love you have lacked.


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