From my Soul

 I feel the warmth in my heart

as I think of you today.

Wishing you were here

and not so far away.

I know there's many differences between us,

It does not take away, the love I feel my dear.

When we are together each day

we seem to inspire hope and cheers.

I met you on here do you remember when?

Our love was, what brought us together that day,

because of the beauty in our soul

we became as one when sharing soul.

But all that is gone now, as time keeps moving on.

But I thought I would reflect on our past

A past that I can't seem to get out of my mind.

I know I should not think about it

I know I should just let it go.

But itís not easy when you love someone

To forget and just let go

I never stopped loving you,

A secret only you and I will ever know.


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