What I want for Christmas

What I want for Christmas this year

would make my Christmas wish come true

Not asking for wrapped presents in pretty bows.

Simply to spend it with you.

I know it might be a lot to ask for

I know my wish might not come true.

But this is the only thing I wrote in my letter to Santa

Asking Santa for his help, So I can spend it with you.

Such a small request, if you really want to know

But it means so much to me  

Because all I ask for Christmas 

is to spend them, With someone as special as you.

I miss and want to be next to you

while holding me in your arms real tight

Looking at me with your smile

On Christmas day and night.

I was thinking of you when I was asked what I wanted for Christmas. I wanted to let you know how blue I feel without you. May your holidays be blessed and may all your Christmas wish come true. Forget the hurt and start to smile, may your heart be filled with happiness and joy on Christmas.




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