For A Moment & Forever


For a moment, I heard your voice for the first time 

As I began a new path of falling in love that night 

For a moment, I shared my deepest secrets with you

As I handed you my heart, that's been broken from the start. 

For a moment, I held you in my arms 

As the moon eclipsed while we held each other that night

For a moment, I kissed you on the lips 

As my heart burned with love, while your lips locked with mine 

For a moment, I stood by your bedroom door 

as I watched you fall asleep like the angels from above

The next day, I hugged you as you said goodbye, 

knowing the goodbye would be for ever.

I never wanted to let you go 

This was a perfect love, to last for ever

My heart started to bleed as you left my side 

knowing a perfect match was about to part

Now I am heart broken again, not for a moment, But forever

Now I gave up on finding someone else, not for a moment, But forever

I am now sad and hurt for loosing you, not for a moment, But forever

I would have loved you, not for a moment, But forever

We had to say goodbye that day, no for a moment, But forever


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