The Fools That Want To Chat.


We meet people every day in our lives.

Trying to understand them, letting them know how we feel inside.

Trying to find the truth as we go along.

Sometimes things get to personal and things start to go wrong.

We say we are lonely and even feeling sad.

We say we are in search of this great true love

When someone tries to get closer, they hang up real fast.


Why should I chat with you and share my feelings inside?

When I am all done you ask for a Picture and then you fly?

You tell me you are not visual and looks donít mean a lot.

The true person inside is what matters and then you leave our chat

Not thinking that I am as human as you

Trying to trust again, till I started talking to you.

Every time someone walks into my life

They make me feel special, only to find it was all a lie.

Not knowing how to be honest with that person

But only thinking of more believable lies.

I found you in my search for love.

You whispered sweet thoughts in my ears

But when we got to know each other.

You walked away not even telling me why, my dear.

Is this the trust that I need to learn?

To open up to someone and see my self-burn?

I tell you its funny, how life dealt me wrong.

You told me you wanted so much from me

Boy was I totally wrong.

Your life is now clear; your life is a mess.

Instead of being honest, you simply left.

So next time someone wants to chat with you,

Make sure there not players, wanting to hurt you.

A person who opens their heart, and brags about there honesty

Should not be taken to heart.

For this might be that type of person

To ruing what little trust you had left inside.

Choose your friends well and make sure there true.

If it not for people like them

You would never feel like a fool as I do.

But also know, it should not be the end.

For a friend lost is a friend gained.

In the end you will know

How honest and truthful that person really is

Donít be mislead by there sweet words

It might be someone in a mess waiting to find a fool like this.

So next time someone says Hello, want to chat?

Tell them to read this poem, so you wont be a fool just like that.

Let them know you play no games,

I am not here to win something but new friend to gain.

So if youíre like this simple poem,

Please donít chat with me and just leave me alone.