Five Month Later


 Five month later and I still miss you as much.

Always tearing, begging to just be able to give you a hug.

Yes I still cry, every moment I think of you.

It hurts so much, these feelings are strong,

Makes me feel so empty as I feel sad, and blue.

I still see you, clear as day, always waiting for your phone call,

Taken from me, making me feel like nothing matters to me at all.


Five month later and nothing seems to be the same.

I still remember everything you told me, before you went away.

“Vision a life of happiness and live it”

Words you told me as I sat next to you, by your bed.

It’s not easy to forget this hurt, Mom I need you just as much today.


Five month later, and people who you spoke about.

Started to walk back into my life today.

Funny how one second you feel you lost them,

Then like a list you read to me, they walk into my life again.

Remembering your wise words, as they walked into my life.

I wonder if you’re my angle now, trying to make me happy in life.

You always knew whom I love, and who made me feel pain.

Is it you who’s letting them walk in my life again?


Five month later and I still hold you close in my heart.

The feel of a love for a mother, something that I will never grow apart.

If you can read this, please know it’s hard to let the pain go.

I still can’t accept that on December 28th you had to go.


“Vision a life of happiness and live it”

Words that will always remain in my heart.

But it wont be easy to feel such happiness,

Especially when I cant see or hear you, not close or even far.

But know I will try, even if it’s till the day that I die.

But until them, I wanted to let you know.

Five month later I'm missing your loving, something I will never let go.


For my mother, who gave me life.


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