Feeling Alone With The Person I Love


Ever stop your world when the person you love is feeling down?

Even wonder why? When your sick that person is no where to be found?

Ever believed that this love would last forever?

And now you’re crying hoping that your life would soon come to an end.

This is why I am lonely with the person that I love, and once called my friend


Such a pity to see this relationship come to an end.

With the person you loved, a person you once called your friend.

The truth has come out, and everyone knows where they stand.

What used to be a kiss and a hug? Is now done by a wave and shaking hands.

Love till the end the priest will tell you. For better or for worse.

But now your sitting here lonely looking for a way to run far away.


I believed that you love, as you want to be loved.

You sacrifice your freedom, something you once had.

Give your time to this person, making sure the love you have wont stop.

And the day you close your eyes in sickness

The last person you will see is that person that you loved.


All those beliefs are gone forever

Wondering if it was all worth its time

I am writing this poem for you to be clever

Get your hurt out of your heart and get your life back,

Be ready to move on.


Love and life are not the same, 




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