A Cyber Dream Come True.


I had a dream last night. A dream that came true.

it was dark and windy, while spending it with you.

Yes you where there to keep me warm.

you even told me scary story's all night long.

we sat by the ocean as we drank a glass of wine.

I do know it was me and you, alone by the shores.

you looked in to my eyes practically all night long.

we met on the internet, do you remember my friend?

we talked about what we liked and things we have shared.

we talked about meeting the wrong people, yes we were scared.

but then one night we both felt sad and blue.

you decided to meet me as well as I with you.

we did not meet because things were complicated in our life.

so we decided to wait till another day or night.

time has passed by and we still are good friends. 

you decided a second time to meet remember my friend?

we spoke of places we would meet. never making up our minds.

 we spoke of the ocean but you were cautious and so was I.

but we met that night and yes it really came true.

for I had dreamed of meeting a friend like you. 

sometime in life our dreams can come true.

A dream like this came true, Because of someone special like you.


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