Did you ever love someone, but you know they donít love you?

Did you ever feel like crying, When they lied, telling you there being true?

And when you cried, did you feel like crawling under a rock to die?

Felt there's nothing you can do to have this person truly by your side.

Did you wonder why they donít love you?  And not even show they cared?

Asking yourself, what did I do so wrong why am I lonely when they are there?

I feel like A beast in this world, being treated like a freak show.

I was meant to be alone, who can love this beast?  Is what I really want to know?


Looking at my life, seeing how its been.

Always hearing broken promises, Not knowing where to begin.

I have cried and hurt and felt my heart skipping a beat.

These are feelings that I had when you decided to leave me.

I always made sure you had everything in life.

I always made sure that I am the only one that has had to sacrifice

Making sure you have food before I could.

I traded my hopes and dreams only for yours to come true.

I gave it all I had in me, to make you feel happier than anyone could


Now I stand here in this dark world so empty and lost

Thinking I had you, when I really had nothing at all.


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