Dealing With Life Today

 Looking back and seeing my life as if it was yesterday

All the things that went wrong it in

Makes me wonder if tomorrow will be the same.

My childhood with bruises and many times with pain

Thinking even of my parents, God! What a shame.

I donít know where I would be, had I not been strong

I do know that I had to believe and live, as if nothing went wrong.

I look at my self in the mirror, so sad with tears

Everything seems to be piling up,

I am starting to now see things clear.


I lost you my loving brother.

Someone who has always been there

I donít know how to live with out you

But I know in the hardest parts of my life, when I needed you,

You were there.


He loved my son like a father should.

He gave my life a light, like no one could

And now heís gone and even my son feels the pain.

For today I think of him, it is hard dealing with life.

Knowing he wonít be by my side again.


I feel lonely at times but not as much today.

My son the glow and star that is in my life

Holding me close, telling me ďmom things will be okĒ

How loving and caring has my son been to me.

He knows even if they treat him wrong, he can always count on me.

The bond we have and the love we feel

Is a love that not even hurt can break its seal.


Sitting here now a new friend on the phone.

He makes me smile and even makes feel as if i'm not alone.

He is new in my life and with fears in my heart.

I donít know how to explain to him,

How much my heart has been torn apart.

I hope he has patience even if he makes me feel good.

He has never seen my face, wondering when we meet

What he would do.

Would he like me and accept me?

Would I not accept him and walk away.

It is not easy I tell you.

Dealing with life today.


So for now I leave you with these words

Give your heart to God, and never be weak

Never stop believing true love is out there.

One-day youíre loneliness will fade away.

But never look back at those sad moments in your life

Never think that life will always be the same.

Donít let the bad, power the evil.

Believe me I know what it is to start a new life all over again.


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