Children Quotes


Raising children in this world is never easy. Don't blame the system for something that started at home.

She is fourteen years old, drunk and high with a cigarette in her hands. Where did I go wrong?. be the one to read this and not the one to ask yourself. 

Children need to be taught how to respect others. But we need to be a good teacher first.

A child is innocent when they are very young. A child is not when he is grown and make mistakes that break some ones heart. 

You think by hitting them we can control them, but when they grow up they have learned to hit you right back. Abusing a child will bounce back in your life. Break the chain.

I know a child who loves his mother and thinks nothing of his father.  Divorce is no excuse to loose your responsibility as a father

We think we know it all as children, but realize how wrong we were when we grow up.

A child needs both parents when growing up. Don't excuse yourself and deprive them of that.

I take my children fishing as much as I can. Tomorrow they will be men, and will bring me the fish when I can't fish again.

The best gift my boys ever gave me for fathers day!,  was both hugging me and telling me they love me as much as I love them.

When will a child learn that we don't stop them from doing things just to upset them?. If they only knew we made the same mistakes but try to help them with what we have learned.

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