Can I Make You Happy


Can someone make another person happy?

A question most people ask and want to know,

Most say you can only be happy within your self

But can I make you feel happy is what I want to know?

Funny how I always want to make you smile.

For you to be happy I would always go that extra mile.

Donít want to see you sad; donít want to see you cry.

Just want to see you happy, understand me, and why.



I have seen so much bitterness in your heart

So much hurt kept deep inside

Sounding as if you will only see misery in your  life

When I see your sadness I canít help but start to cry.

You feel  happy when I am with you, but I don't see it true

Every time I try to make you happy, you seem to get sad and blue.

I know your  past has given you reasons, to feel the way you do

I also know the people, who you let in, have also hurt you too.


Your past speaks for itself when you explain your pain

But know in life there is so much happiness to gain.

Happiness was not in your past, but I am here now

Here to take those tears away

I know you can be happy somehow

Just give me a chance to take away those tears of pain.



I know that happiness, I find with you

A simple hug and a kiss, makes me smile.

Happiness has many faces, even many places in ones heart

But I know if you believe in me, happiness you will find.

Trust in me and give things a try

I feel when it comes to your happiness,

It can be a struggle and even a fight.

Why do I feel this way? , Think of all the things you say.


So please believe in me, know I truly care.

Life has been hard for you; you can even say itís been unfair.

But it does not change the fact; I donít want to see you cry.

Hold my hands as we walk together, please give things a try.

Think of the good things we shared when I was there

I do remember how happy one time. You were.

So today I take on a brad new task.

To make you happy, not by letting you wear your happy mask



Today I ask, Can someone make you happy?

Can you please let me try?

Let me show you what I see when you are here with me.

See how happy and special, you make me feel in life.

So smile for me, and give me a try.

I only ask God, to make us happy in our life.


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