Your Worst Mistake

Seven years have pass and I have not yet to forget the day's of love and hate.

Even though we started young I thought our love would never break.

Like a flower I helped you grow into the man you are today.

But you never appreciated the love and patients I always had, for God's Sake!

So you decided not to stay. Leaving me with child, caring your seed.

Crying every night, I just couldn't believe.

That the person I most love made decision like these.

What could I do, but rock myself to sleep.

Our Daughter was born, she was as beautiful as she can be.

Kiara, that is her name. And she looks so much like you.

But you decided not to be the one to see her

Grow into the little woman she's grown up to be.

But it's okay, your daughter and I have gotten over

The fact that in being a father and a husband you have lacked.

It's alright we know that you'll notice your mistake someday.

I hope is sooner than late.

By:Mayra Cintron 1/16/2003

Personal Experience. I'm a mother and a father.



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