Sitting Here Trying Not To Cry

Sitting here trying not to cry

Seems like hours before one minute passes by

Waiting for a person thatís never going to show

And you love them so much, but they donít even know

To them, youíre just one more person in life they happened to meet

But to you, theyíre the 1 thing that might make you complete

You could be happy for days from just one word

Even though you know damn well thatís absurd

When you hear the sound of their voice, you lose your breath

Losing them would be like an instant death

When you donít talk to them for awhile

All you want to do is find their number and dial

But when the time comes youíre hands just wonít work

And you realize thatís so berserk

Is that what love is?

Those feelings that canít be dismissed

No matter how hard you try

Not a moment passes by

Where they donít cross your mind

Time, you wish you could rewind

Just to hear those 3 simple words

That to you, mean everything in the world ďI love youĒ

But she just has no clue

Thereís always something you wish you hadnít said

Things you wish she would just forget

But all you can do is apologize

And pray that some day sheíll realize

How much you care

That youíll always be there

When you feel like you've known somebody your whole life

Itís hard to understand how things changes over night

And in the back of your mind you always hope and pray

That things will go back to the way they were some day

But for now thereís absolutely nothing you can do

To change the way I feel about you

Lori 08/2003



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