Rescue Me

Rescue Me Love as a wish spoken so deep,

A small angel-she softly weeps

No love to have-no love to keep,

Is there no one out there waiting for me?

Alone I stand-only God to see,

A heart in pain-please rescue me

No praise is written or shown to be,

How will I ever break free?

Chains that bind-my soul to flee,

Time has shown no mercy for me

Trapped in the darkness I find in heed,

Where is the worth I try to be?

Love as a dream-endless I seek,

Emotions on high as the tallest of peaks

Heartbeats only to wake as they speak,

How do I turn on the light that makes me so weak?

Break down the walls surrounding me,

Dear God I kneel to plea

Let love bring in the peace to feel-to see,

Why will no one rescue me?

Kelly H  9-30-04

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