You hurt me so bad you just don't know

You made me frown and took that glow

Oh how it hurts deep in my heart

How you just tore my life apart

I gave you my love and my all

And all you did was let it fall

How dare you put a hand on me

When all I ever wanted was for you to see

How you would make a fool of me

You took me for granted

You really didn't care how much it hurt

Every night I cried myself to sleep

Not even one promise you would keep

Oh poor child of mine how much she's seen

How much sadness she will have when she's a teen

You left so much trauma in our life

When on my neck you had that knife

I begged you not to touch me and so you set me free

You said that you would change your ways

And said it was only a phase

I couldn't take it anymore

My heart and soul you really tore

I now could breath and be free

Because you are no longer with me

Now my daughter and I live happily

It's me and her that made you have a family

No longer will you hurt us or get near because all your life

You will have to fear just one more strike

And you'll be in for life

And me no longer being your wife

Jackie  August/8/2003



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