My Secret


Since 6th grade you were my best friend,

Thatís how I thought it was going to end,

I thought we were always going to be forever,

But this is the last year weíre going to be together,

Although itís hard to say good-bye,

We have to say it at some time,

But I wonít forget you I never will,

You even stood by me when I was ill,

When I cried you sang the happy song,

And I stopped because I knew I was wrong,

Wrong to think I had a bad life,

When you were there everything was right,

Though you acted stupid it was just a disguise,

But down in your heart you knew you were wise,

You taught me things my parents never could,

Nobody would listen but you always would,

Even though we had our ups and downs,

No matter what you always were around,

Even the days when I tried to act bad,

You would get worried but you never go mad,

This is so long but thereís so much to say,

I only wish I had one more day,

Here goes my secret and all of itís true,

Since the day I met Iíve always loved you.

Judy 11/12/04

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