Love Set Free

Time flew by so fast, where did it go?

We were always together, inseparable, you know?

Now everyday drags on, me crying every night.

I want to get over you and I just might.

I don't want to say I love you.

I don't want to show I care.

You take advantage of me,

Cause you know I'll always be there.

You shouldn't have stopped caring,

You should have held on.

I was your little angel, but now, I might, be gone.

So when you realize that I'm no longer with you

I hope you become defeated.

Who will love you like I do? Who?

So no more tears for the rest of my years.

You're not worth it any. You don't deserve me.

Maybe one day you will see

That my love is no longer yours to keep.

Jenica A 10/2004

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