A Letter

I wrote a letter to God and addressed it heavenly

Just a letter asking him if he would bring you back to me

It went to an angel first who opened it and read,

"My Lord I love him so" it's all the letter said

It wasn't the way it was written, that made the angel cry

Nor the words I had sealed inside

It was the cry of my heart that is longing to be by his side

The angel passed it on to God he opened it and read

The angel gave it back to me and so it said,

"My dearest child he can no longer be with you for he is dead"

"He's here with me in heaven, where someday you will be"

"When you arrive, he'll be the first you see"

"You will no longer suffer my child it's only temporarily"

"You will not know of pain and you'll live happily"

When I was finished, tears I did shed

Those words from God had stayed in my head

On that day God took me home

There was my Love waiting alone

I felt such happiness and serenity

Knowing I will be with him for eternity

Jackie Hernandez 08/2003



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