Big Mistake

I've paid my price how can this be? 

why have all my friends just left me? 

is it my fault? what have I done?

 I've been left in the dust reaching out for no one. 

nobody to talk to nobody to make me smile, 

nobody to comfort me to make me feel worthwhile. 

my boyfriend is gone we had a big fight, 

I shut out my friends it just isn't right.

 I tried crawling back but they don't understand,

 I reached out for comfort and they shoved away my hand. 

I've messed up big time look what I've done,

 I've pushed away my friends, and im left here stunned.

 don't make my mistake, im telling you now,

ill find my way, someday, somehow...

Tammy Date: 21 Feb 2001

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