Be Ready to PAY for it?


Cheating on someone will not make you a stud or prince. I wonder many times why do people cheat on another? And they come up with the same excuse all the time, the excuse is because there is something lacking in a relationship. But what about the relationship where you love and they love you? What happened there? I want to share my thoughts on Cheating so you can get ready to pay for it.

 A woman loves his man endlessly. They are dating and try to spend as much time together as possible. They are neither children nor teenagers, for someone to think their just children. They are grown adults that want a perfect life together. I ask what went wrong here? She tells him she loves him, he tells her he loves her, it will last for ever. He in turn decides to cheat on her. Here you have a couple that love each other and from what I have seen it is a love that I thought was true love. She would do anything for him and has given her freedom for him and has done what ever it takes to make him happy (True love you say?). And yet he is willing to take a risk for a one-night stand with another woman.

 What happens when a man cheats on a woman? I believe the woman loose trust not only of him but also of any man (That is a big loose, specially for the next man that walks into her life). She is also hurt deeply giving all she could and had gone the extra mile, only to find out this man was cheating on here. The hurt in indescribable for this woman. To have trusted and believe in him and never imagine that he would ever loose this strong bonded love. To go out and find someone else in his life. She has to now deal with this the rest of her live. Wondering what she did wrong and at times blaming herself for something she did not do. She is now a perfect example of todayís women who have been cheated on. Why and how can a man hurt someone they love?

 The man after cheating and being caught realizes that this one nightstand was not worth it and he wants his so called true love. Well guess what men!!! Be ready to pay for it. You say "she truly loves me and will forgive me." WRONG!!! Her love will leave seconds after finding out what you have done. It is a mental shock for a woman as it would be for a man. This love was killed not because he made love to this other woman, but because he lost her trust and honesty and commitments towards her. When you loose those things in a relationship you have lost everything. The man now tries to sweet talk her into forgiving him and finds it does not work, for words cant correct the damage done. He buys her roses, dedicates a song to her on the local radio station and even sends her forgive me cards and gifts.

 He then realizes she is no longer interested and he then decides to take a different approach, (MAKE HER FEEL GUILTY FOR HIS MISTAKE) yes thatís right a typical man thing to make her feel as if she has done something wrong and to find it in her heart to forgive him for her mistake. Men you need to realize that, that only works in the movies not in real life. 

You start by loving then go into cheating and then into guilt. To me youíre not a man. I always teach my son that the day he is a man is the day when he only has one woman. These acts do not make a man a man or a woman a woman. These act both man and women pay for all there life. How can a man who loves a woman do so much damage?

 I want everyone to know how much is at stake before you think of cheating on your mate. You will PAY for it and also make someone who trusted and loved not feel that way again. There was nothing to gain but much to loose. We forget that love is not just a word but also a word that deals not with one but with two human beings in this world. We need to wakeup and realize how different our lives could be if we were faithful to our mate.

 If you have someone you love and loves you and truly gives you that love, think about it before you fall under this mess. I myself have not found true love. I lived a life of broken promises and a virtual idea of an ever-lasting love. Most of you out there have found real love and with sadness donít value its weight in gold. Take it from a man who knows how to love and how to be all the things that (TO ME) makes a man. Yet I have not found someone who can love as I do. I feel sadden by this because most in this world have what others wait a lifetime to find and then throw it away for a one-night stand. Think clear and know, to have someone love you is a gift but not to destroy by cheating. Know you are playing with a persons mind and making that person think you are their mate forever. If it were up to me I would find ways in making a man/woman pay for this even worse than they do today. You need to understand we are all humans and we all can cry laugh and smile and love. Donít deceive the person you love. And if you have fallen out of love? Let them know. If we could respect and listen to our mate at times it can be very important not only for you but for them as well.

 I hope anyone that reads this would think about things before getting READY TO PAY FOR IT!!!



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