A and A smile  

I met her on line someone I wanted to get to know.

Saw a picture of her wearing  black,  beautifully posed.

Yes she had a smile, the kind that made me glow.

She is so beautiful and special, that it made me write this poem..


A woman is like a rose, no one can say its not true.

Give them lots of Love and kind words with a smile

Take the time to express how kind she is, go that extra mile

Take the time to tell her how special she is to you.  

Tell how special she makes you feel when she is with you


There are many women in this world my friend.

Like the woman I met on line on a beautiful winter day.

Her beauty took me by surprise, thinking a rare thing came true.

I looked into her eyes and at that moment I knew it was too good to be true


I hope she knows how special she is when ever she's on line

I hope you gives me the chance to know her and even the time

but only god knows what she will do, next time she logs on.

will she get to know me I ask?. Or will it be a thing of the past in time.  







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