Quotes About Anger



Always think with your heart when angry, your hands and mouth will only cause you harm. 

If we could only think about the hurt we cause people when we are angry? we would never have to think of a way to say "I am sorry"

 Anger is what you get when you take everything personal, Learn to think your not the only one there talking about.. 

I was angry at God when he took my mother away. I would say I hated him. But in my mind I heard my mothers voice telling me. He was not selfish Henry he wanted to take away my pain. Hate is a strong word to say to him, When he took me to his home in the heavens that day. When you hate there's nothing to gain and there's no understanding.  

The anger within me drains my spirit, finds blame, and blinds me from the person I am. Let go!.

It is better to admit your mistake, then to anger your personality.

A fool will always brag about his anger, A wise man will tell what a fool he almost was.


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