A Life Of Learning About Love

       From when I was 10 years old as I remembered, I used to think about love, and what it was, and what powers it held. I often wondered about many things, but love was one of the things I wanted to both feel and understand. I know there are many kinds of love, like the love a parent has for their children and all. The love you have for a family member and friends. But the love I wanted to understand more was the love of one man to a woman  / Woman to a man. That always fascinated me because I was always told when you meet the right person, you will fall in love and she will make you very happy. I always wanted to know what was making someone happy? Was it giving her things? Was it doing things for her? Was it being nice to her? Was it buying things for her? Or you had to have a lot of money for someone to love you? But as I grew older I realized that love was not about giving, but about feeling this great feeling that makes you feel as if nothing in this world can go wrong. 

      Love is supposed to be many things combined. To me from what I have learned in my life, love means it can be done, it means you can do it. It means you can tell that person anything in this world with a great deal of trust. It means when she is sick you will have to do what ever it takes to make her well again. It means finding out things about each other that helps one another understand their wants and needs. It means that you must speak with your heart when angry and not with you mouth of hurt. It means you must never loose respect for your mate in any given situation. (When two people have respect for each other many times problems can be resolved fast.)). When you love someone you must do what ever it takes to keep the communication between one another. You must be willing to change your bitter ways if you must, to keep this person by your side. There are many things one must learn about love. Love is about reminding that person how much she means to you in this world. We only live once and we must accomplish many tasks in life. We never can concur love for it is not about a day nor week nor year, but it is a learning of a lifetime. 

     When I was 14 I thought I found true love. She kissed me on the lips and told me she loved me. Boy was I wrong. To me I always thought that true love was found at any age. I was also wrong again. To me, true love begins when you have both the mind and responsibly to love yourself first. To me you can learn about love by loving yourself first. You would learn to understand the importance of feeling happy. Feeling as if you are an important part of this world. For love is something we learn to feel through the way we feel about once self. When we feel happy we have a way of being kinder and nicer to everyone around us. When we feel sad we have a way of showing our emotional hurt and expressions to let others know this is not a good feeling. When we are angry we only show the world we cant control our temper and have no respect for anyone, and not to get him or her feeling that way. 

      To me one must always think first before speaking words of hatred. I have made many mistakes in this area. I was the type that would make someone feel the hurt they made me feel. Take it from being a pro at this, Never start doing things as if you made me feel like this and now your going to get it.  When you act like that, all you are doing is saying things you don't mean only to upset and hurt the other. But a Wiseman once said there are two things you cant take back, a tombstone and spoken words. He was very wise for that is something I should have learned when I was 18 so I would have avoided hurting so many people in my life. 

      Love means a lot of those beautiful things but the million-dollar question is are we doing all of the above? Can you honestly say yes I am in love and yes I do what ever it takes for my mate? Yes we trust each other and yes we talk about anything and keep no secrets? Yes I always feel happy when I am with him/Her? I don't know about the world out there, but for me the answer is no! I have made many mistakes in my life as well as have not found this true love. I have found myself in many one sided relationships. I have been the one to always try to communicate and be understanding and be there when they needed me. Maybe it was my entire fault for it who knows? But when I evaluate how things happened in my life I get confused because I was in love but I was not loved. 

      So in conclusion to this Love quest I am still looking for this true love. I would do anything to find true love. I am 36 years old now and I feel so sadden when I think about true love. I hear many people tell me they are loved and life is good. But loneliness is not a good thing. Nothing like having someone there with you when you are sick and feeling down. Nothing like having someone there to share the good things that you have accomplished in your day-to-day life. But the most important one is? Not having someone to share the love you feel inside your heart.  Not having someone to see in the mornings when you wakeup to a new life. Someone to see before you lay to sleep. I hope one day I can find a woman who feels what I feel about true love. I hope to find someone who can love me as much as I would like to show her the love I have inside.

 Henry 1/2000

This is a true story of me Henry who created Love Poems From The Heart. It is a part of my heart I share with the world. Anyone who reads this can understand me in this small part of how I am. 

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