The day of cupid is coming, I can hardly wait

It means I get to spend a day with you,

Holding & kissing you, each moment on Valentines Day.

This day is so special to me, it can only involve you

There is no Valentines Day, if it canít be spent with you

This day is where everyone shows their love.

A rose is handed, a smile is given, and many I Love You

I will be so happy to see you on this special day.

It gives me the chance to show how much I love you.

So please read this now, and letís plan to be together

Valentines day is coming; I want to spend it together

Just like the oceans, it needs to have waves

Without you, I feel sad in many ways.

Just like the desert has to have the sand

All I want to do is be able to hold your hands.

I loved you all year long, never giving up

This is a special day because it deals with you

So please be my valentine

From My Heart I wrote this to you. 






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