A new morning with you


A new morning has come in to my life

Thing I saw ugly, now seems to look beautiful and full of life.

 A morning that became a new beginning of how I see things now

This new morning that is real, 

in my dreams I would have only found.

But I am awake and yes itís true

I found a new morning with someone as special as you.

You filled my heart with light, brightened all of its dark places

You lifted my spirits high when so many held it down.

You gave me something I never imagined I would ever see

You gave me a new morning, and for this I love you endlessly


I used to wonder if this could all be true.

To walk into my life, giving me a new morning while holding you

At the same time, falling in love with you.


You are going too fast, try to slow things down.

This new morning can break your heart, and bring you down.

Be careful what you feel, these feelings will soon fade away.

This is just because your lonely, it could all be a game being played.

Make sure you donít love her, so when she leaves youíll be ok.

Listen to me; this love that you are expressing will never be real

These are the words that everyone around me had to say.


If this new morning is not here tomorrow

I will be strong and say; was just a dream and now I am awake

If this day seems to feel like I am heart broken,

I will be strong and I will have the strength to hold my heart in place

If my feelings of someone loving me begin to fade

I will be strong I will believe that this was a dream. And I will be ok

The new morning I had when I met you

Are for ever mine, you canít take them away

And if this new love was not meant to be.

I will treasure the feeling I felt, even if I was too blind to see.


So you see I have nothing to loose when I open my eyes again

Because when I do, if itís all dark and ugly and things look the same

I will think about yesterdayís morning

For yesterdays morning had you in my heart that day

And no bad mornings can take this great feeling away.


H/R 2000


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