What Should I do?

When you find someone and they seem to be the one in your dream.

Do you trust again? Do you find it hard to believe this can happen to me?

Bringing the walls down, believing this dream can come true.

Do we simply forget our hurtful past? Or are we scared of what we will do?


     Some people tell me to follow my heart, It will tell me no wrong.

           Deep in my heart it tells me, Your going to hurt again but be strong.

          Some People tell me don’t let your past take control of the situation.

                 But my mind is telling me, don't forget your past was full of frustration.


What do I trust? Tell me God what to do?

                 Give me a sign; tell me please for you know how much I believe in you.

      Should I follow my broken heart, Stepping back and walk away?

                   Should I follow my friends, Who have been there with there loving ways?

                     Why has life dealt me such pain? I always been the one to feel so drained?

        I ask you these questions, For I am lost and don’t know what to do.

Is this all worth trying to find if this dream really come true?



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