What is Love?



I traded my dreams for you my dear, Giving everything I had.

           I wanted nothing in return, I wanted you to have, what you did not have.

When you were sick and down I was there to hold you tight

and held you in my arms, Every day and night.

Always asking if there's something I could do.

Making sure that everything was done for you.

I made you warm soup to make you feel well.

you laid there looking sad as if in a spell

Not moving so much, while gazing into my eyes.

I made sure everything was perfect and right.


When times were hard, and things seem to fade.

I still loved you more every minute of the day.

Your love for me was fading, Even feel as if it was about to end.

                 I never lost this love for one moment, but loved you stronger in every way.

I wonder how someone can say they love me?

But yet her love seems to fade.


I thought when you love someone it is for ever?

I thought the feelings never end?

I thought it was greater than all  opstical s?

I thought forever meant till the end?


Love is so confusing, yet itís a simple word.

We tend to use it in so many ways

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