When everyone walked away from me, You were there for me

When I had so much hurt to let go, You were there to listen to me

It seems that every time I needed someone, You were there to hold me tight

A true friend like you is something not even my heart can describe. 

You seem to know  when I needed you.

As if you always read my mind. 

You always made sure I was happy, Even if you were hurting inside

I  thank god for sending someone as special as you by my side

In your life if you find such friends, be happy and thankful too.

This is a rare thing, we can all agree. True friends are a wish come true 

I feel at times as if your an angle 

I seem to enjoy each moment I spend with you.

Why are you such A special friend at times I wonder?

I ask anyone out there can this really be true?

I hope in this world we can always be such good friends.

I know  when your down, I also will be there for you too.

Just like you, A true friend that you are

I will always be one for you.

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