~* The Perfect Guy *~

At night I've often dreamt of the most perfect guy,

he's someone who is caring, and never makes me cry,

he's very understanding, he shows how much he cares,

and if I ever needed him, I just turn and he is there,

he doesn't do drugs, and he doesn't even drink,

and before he does something wrong, he always stops to think,

he 's very, very romantic, and says just what he feels,

and he's not afraid to let me know, that everything is real,

he's not afraid to open up, and say what's in his heart,

and I know he'll never hurt me, even when we are apart

 he gets along with almost everyone, and he's as smart as he can be,

 but most of all this perfect guy, likes me just for me,

but this perfect guy, lived only in my dreams,

he's what made them as perfect as they seemed,

but I guess I never thought that this dream could come true,

 because I've found that perfect guy and baby that guy is you.

Amanda Walters 8/2001

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