A Special Friend 

You seem to always know, How to make my days so bright

You always take the time to ask, if I need anything before we say goodbye.

You're so true and loving, Only god can only know

How much you mean to me, how much you capture my heart and soul.

You seem to know what I need in this world, Whenever I am lost,

Taking the time to share with me, You're open-heart and deepest thoughts.

You keep me smiling even if I am down and blue.

Making me feel the bond we have with each other is even stronger than glue.

I may at times not know, How to show you how much I care

I can only tell you; I will all ways for you be there.

Time goes by so fast whenever I'm with you.

I seem to enjoy our conversations with someone sweet and true.

I hope in this world, we can always be good friends.

This friendship means so much to me. Praying this will never end.

I will always be here to listen to you.

Till the lord sends me to the heavens one day


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