Compliment the ones you love. Sometimes in life we forget to take that one minute of the day to express how much we truly care for that special person in our life.  Take one minute  for the person you have in your life, to say that you love them

(You Are Not Alone)

(I Will Never Leave Your Side) (It's Only Me)

(We Will Over Come)  (You Don't have To Die To See Him)

(From my Soul)   ( I Admire You )  (Can I Make You Happy)

(Saying Thank You)  (Stored In My Heart) 

(Finding You Again)  (My Love For You)  (I Love You Mother)

(The Woman I Truly Love)  (The Woman I want To Know)

(Thinking Of You)  (Give Me A Chance)

(To My Mother Who Gave Me Life)

(Red Roses Were Her Favorite) (A New Morning With You)

(I Found Someone Like You) (On-Line Friends)

(A True Friend)  (You Are Special)

(The Glow You Brought In My Life) (A Special Friend)

(I Miss You My Son)  (A Rose and a Smile)

( I Miss you my friend)  (A Cyber Dream Come True)