Soul mate

You move me, winds blow gently through helpless trees
If I didn't know any better I swear you were put in that chair
Where I first laid eyes upon you. As if you were to await an arrival
the arrival of me. Are you unaware of what you do?
Or is this all part of your perfect plan
Will you love me as long as I love you? A warning
it could be until the sky is no longer a pale shade of blue
When you walk from the room, my only reason for being where I am
is to await your return, often it takes to long
as my heart begins to slowly churn
I love you like the earth loves her rain, you never cease to amaze me 
Since I have found you my life knows little to no pain
I have nothing to lose and everything to gain
When I feel isolated and crazy
Your strong but soft embrace keeps me perfectly sane
with the likes of you how could I ever complain?
For I am now grateful for the dirt beneath my feet
As it leads me directly to someone
that is no other than my soul
Without you there would be no mate.

By: Amber Flavin
Fox Lake, IL.

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