I Promise You My Sweet Valentine

I promise to love you till the end of time
I promise to show you a brand new start
I promise to be true to you
and give you all of my love.

I promise to understand you for always
 I promise to hold your hand through good and bad times
I promise to be your best friend
to share and keep you near till the end of my life.

 I Promise to wipe your tears in troubled days
I promise to guide you, to show you the way
I promise to be true and never deceive you
to love you unconditionally with every breath.

I promise all these things to you for love
I promise to be with you in sick times
I promise to give you tender loving care
I will never depart, for you my love own my heart
I promise you... I promise you...My sweet valentine.....

Reyna.R 1/2000



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