How Much More Can It Hurt


How much more pain can I take inside? 

Struggling to survive this depression that's deep within my mind

Things in my mind are confusing, and a am always depressed

Not finding the answers in my life, knowing I am truly stressed

I am a single parent without help from there dad.

I think of the day he left me, for another, it truly made me mad.


He said that he loved me and yet he loved another

The struggle has been endless, With his children, he wont even bother.

No Calls to his children, not even seeing there hurt.

What father would forget them? yet I have to deal with all their pain.


If your a lonely parent with children? know your not alone.

There are many of us, trying to find a new place to call home.

It's a shame how he forgets his children

They had nothing to do with this at all.

but yet they loose the love they need from there father

because another woman entered our life and destroyed us all. 


I pray to god one day to find someone

someone who can see my heart that's drained

see the hurt another man has cost me

Loving me and helping me cure this endless pain


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