You Will Not Be Forgotten

Dear mom, I call out your name

Don't think that I have forgotten you,

Because its been more than 2 years from today.

The pain is there and the empty feeling is still inside.

Mom I really miss you, I want to be by your side.

I still can hear your loving words, as if your whispering in my ears

Mom it's not easy to hold back my tears..

even if it's just an imagination running through my mind.

That your here in spirit, and I will see you one more time.

It's not easy letting this pain go,

every time I see your picture, tears begin to flow.

I know you hoped that time will ease my pain.

But I feel the clock has stopped ticking, since I lost you on that day.

You will not be forgotten nor will time cure my heart.

I cant let go of you, even if were apart.

You will not be forgotten, for the rest of my life.

They just don't understand, you molded what I am in life.

And everything I do in this world, has your teaching in mind.

So how can I forget you? while I feel frozen in time.

From simple words of wisdom I share with my sons.

I can hear you repeat them, every time for the mistakes I have done.

How can I live a better future?

When the past is what I want to live again...

Because in the past I had your hugs and kisses

And in this future all I have is your pictures.

I rather feel you touch, then to continue feeling such pain.

I wrote this poem to let you know?

I will never forget the woman I love most.





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