You Are Not Alone



When ever youíre feeling down,

Or at times even feel pain

Donít think we donít worry,

Call on us, my friend.


Never forget, youíre not alone.

We will stand by your side.

So thereís no need to feel this way

We are here to wipe those tears away.


Ill dance like a clown if I have to,

Ill even tell silly jokes,

I will do what ever it takes.

So you donít feel alone.


Many nights I pray

You will get better soon

So like children we can go outside and play.

Till it gets so dark that we can see the moon.

And that day will come, you will see.

It will be just you and me.


So please, when ever you feel sad again,

Call me, Ill rush right over my friend.

We will joke and smile that day.

Ill make you feel loved again.

And when you call if Iím not there?

Read this poem I wrote.

I know itís not the same,

But it lets you know youíre not alone.





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