Who are we to judge?


I learned that itís not whatís inside that matter,

Donít believe the lies from others saying ďits notĒ

I learned that people look with there eyes?

If your ugly, you better be living the line, Love is blind.

I learned a picture is the first thing someone will ask.

The second? How far was this taken from your past?

I learned that everyone has been heart broken.

But I see when I read personal add they are out spoken.


Is this what we learn in the internet life?

Do we lie about who we are? a new love to sacrifice.

This might not be true to you,

But I start by saying?

Is that picture on your profile really you?


How do we judge people this day?

I feel itís like selling real-estate.

We drive by the home, and see the outside.

If it looks presentable? We might even want to go inside.

But if it looks like it need a little bit of extra love?

You might say Iím not good at repairs, lets go to the next lot.


Think about it, and you will see.

People judge people, by there looks

Boy are they too blind to see...

Then they sit there heart broken,

Wondering what went wrong?

A year goes by? Wondering whereís Mr. Right

But so many Mr. Right have passed,

But because of a Picture, they were put in the past.


Who am I to judge you? Who am I to say?

I am looking for someone pretty,

Dealing with the rest one day.

But you come to know him? And then realize?

He knows how you judged him, and he will tell you lies.

Not only is it you in his life?

Could be another, or even a wife.


Give a person a chance, you might be even surprised.

I would pick a not so hot looking woman?

Than one that will over and over break my heart.






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