For those who wonder, “What Do I look For In a Woman/Mate/Relationship/Partner/Wife?”



 I have never been one to judge a woman by her hair or eyes or legs or even her body or looks. I know we are not perfect nor are we perfectly built. We all have body flaws. Even the most beautiful of models have there flaws.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched, but only felt in your heart." Helen Keller


I guess what I am getting at is I am attracted to a woman based on certain things about her other than what they looks like. I learned in my life from past experience that it is more important that I choose a good Wife/Mother/Friend/Family Oriented type of woman. That’s the qualities that I look for in a woman.


What I look for in a woman


(Intelligence)     I believe with education a better choice of words can be used when angry. And a more clear understanding of the price we pay for love each day comes with understanding love and the things we must do to have it in our life.


(Respect)           Comes with education, we need to think what we say before saying it. And saying it where respect is not lost. “I don’t have to growl like a lion to be heard. I can how ever say it nicely.”


(Wife)               A woman that will give trust and love as received and know always where the bed she sleeps in is. Give 100 % of her love as well as receive it. Know the vows of marriage and live by them. “For better or worse does not mean that’s how hard you fight in court”.


(Mother)           A very important key in what I would love to find. Not for my boys. I am father and mother to them. Children may be wanted in a relationship, and many times I see this, mothers are not ready to be mothers as well as fathers not ready to be fathers (I am one of the READY FATHERS). Or simply don’t want to deal with kids. I am a father and was responsible to be one before I was one. And I never let my kids down nor do I want any new children in this world to live like its been for mines now. (Lack of a mother).


(Friend)            A woman who will tell me how she feels. Even if it sounds worse than church where I am almost ready to fall asleep. I want to know, how the most important person in my life feels. Her feelings do matter in this world. And a true friend tells all. I cannot learn about the person in my life, if I don’t know how she feels about life or herself in it.


(Family Oriented) A woman as well as a man needs to know that there is time for everything, but there has to be time for family. On the weekends I don’t have my kids? (Rare thing) I like to enjoy it as much as I can, (Enjoy = do things I like to do, not find a cheat date for the night). When I do have my boys? I like doing things with them as well as with the woman in my life. I do have values that my parents taught me. These are a few.


Always eat together as a family.

Always remember your kids when doing fun things

Always make time without an excuse to spend time as a family.

Always do things as a family, the chain is much stronger and can hold better when times in life want to pull it.  

Always make sure your fortunes are shared with the family not yourself.

Always trust in your family and spend every moment you can while you have life.


(Trust)   When I tell her as she tells me where I was, to believe in me as I do in her. Trust to me is the seed of love, without it? There cannot be love, let alone friendship, or anything. A woman when told her man was with another woman, will not go on defense and bring me down like trash only to find out her friend made a mistake. She would question me with respect and ask anything she wants… As long as asked and not attacked. There are many women as well as men that lack giving trust because of there past. But never forget, you cannot compare a new relationship to anyone’s past. Unless they were there. In most cases? A new relationship means NEW.


(Honesty) A very hard thing to find among men and women. But I always want the truth. Even if it will hurt me. Because I don’t like being in a dark room without really knowing who’s in it and how they feel about me. But I expect the same honesty I give in a relationship. We are not perfect and if one or the other feels something is wrong? Best to talk to each other and not an opposite sex on the internet where they truly understand just because you’re down and possibly available.


A lot to ask for huh? Well women ask for as much but forget we also want too.



I am tired of women who say to me?


“I want an honest man” but have a lot to learn about being honest themselves.

Never ask for something you yourself cannot give. Honesty is a two sided table.


I want a faith full man” But why do they talk to more than a guy about love?

I have caught so many times so many women talking to others at the same time... sort of like a pick of the litter. But Men? Don’t leave your bow wow untouched cause they are just as bad and at times worse.


“I want someone to accept me” Then they also need to accept me for the person I am.

They want me to accept her but she wants me to cut my pony tail, choose a different song… and paint my world her color. “TO love me you must accept everything around me” (I wrote that 1992)


“I don’t want a player!” I have met some of the worst players in my life and yet they all have said the same thing about not wanting one. Women can pick out players, but men are starting to pick out the women players too. So don’t think we are in the dark.


“If you love me you will change” I hate it when love is challenged in that form of way. It is a two way comment. “If you love me? You would accept me as I am”... You SEE? And here’s a little secret for those who believe in changes? You can take the animal out of the jungle but you will not change his way. Never will I go into a relationship with a woman that I feel needs changes. It would not be fair nor right for me to expect a change... we are who we are and live as we live, I am not anyone to judge you as you are. If I cannot love you? Then should not be with you.


There’s a few more... I guess my point is, don’t expect from a person something you, yourself cannot give to them.


I hope this gives you an understanding of what I look for in a woman etc… If I offended anyone? I am truly sorry. I am honest and wont change for anyone. I am not perfect and can even find many of my flaws without help. But I also have a heart and it bleeds for these things in my life. If you made it this far down? It probably means I might be what your also looking for.







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