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I see you sitting there and wonder what went wrong

With so much beauty, a perfect rose without thorns

I wonder where she is right now, knowing she's not happy today

In this world so pure of pain, she's living a sad day again

I know she is lost in life, and I know she feels drained

As I look at her, I begin to cry  like dripping rain.

Wanted you in my life, knowing I can change what you feel

Instead  you choose to live as you do, as time spins it's wheels

I have held myself up many times, from not falling down

I have told my self, "Give her time, she will come around"

But every day that passes, this love I feel will find its end.

She thinks I wont forget her

She thinks it would cost me too much pain.

She forgets that one must live and not feel frozen

With a tear dripping down my face.

I will have to let you go, even if it brings that much pain.

but when the time comes, it's loss you will regret.

You wont be able to say I am ready,

You wont be able to tell me how much your love meant 

because the day I leave you, forever I will say goodbye.

So keep saying that your crazy, keep saying I am what you want.

those words mean nothing, when you notice I am not by your side

I am not perfect in this world, many stupid things I have done

but when it comes to leaving you, I know I will start to cry.

For loosing you forever, for never seeing you again.

But you will have to live wondering,

What would it have been like, had you stayed with me that day.






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