It Will All Work Out In The End

A True Story


There was this guy? He was with his two sons and they were going to look at a boat to possibly buy. When he got to the place, (in the middle of nowhere) he saw the boat and decided it was not the boat he would want for him so he then he thanks the people and headed back home.


Two miles in route for home? The car was over heating and broke down. He looked around and only saw wooded areas with lots of trees in every direction.  The guy decided to walk with the kids for help. They walked for a half mile and found a dirt road, not knowing where they were he knew there had to be something in the end of that dirt road. So he and the kids walked down this road...


They found a house at the end of the dirt road and when they knocked? an old man answered...he explained to the old man that his car broke down and  asked if he could use his phone and also have some water for his kids since he did not know how long it would be till he got help. The old man walked out with a milk gallon, full of cold water and we all drank from it. Then the old man handed the guy the phone to call a tow truck, the tow truck company said they would be there in 45 minutes. The guy thanks the old man and walked back to the car with the kids.


When the tow truck got there? And loaded the car? he said he could only take back 2 people... it would be against the law to carry a third person
the guy begged that he could not leave anyone behind.. But there was no chance... so the guy gave the keys to his kids and told them go ahead open the house and wait for him. The guy asked the tow truck driver to please call him a taxi... the tow driver calls for a taxi and the taxi is on his way


While the guy waited? The clouds set in and the weather was getting worse after the guy was wet and waited almost 2 hours for that taxi? He gave up he deiced to walk till he would get to a store and then call for one himself. He walked for over 10 miles in thunders and rain. And each step made him more tired... cars actually passed him and not one person stopped to offer help. The guy after walking 11 miles and could barely stand? Saw another dirt road... but he also saw a truck parked like 100 feet from it. He decided to ask for a ride if there was anyone there. He walked up to the car and knocked on the window and there was a man sleeping in it. The man asked the guy what in god’s world was he doing there. The guy explained the story of what happened the man felt bad for the guy and also realized that the guys kids were home alone for almost 6 hours now so he told the guy “hey ill take you home don’t worry”. And this man drove the guy home.


When he got home? The kids ran out and were happy to see him and wondered why it took there dad 6 hours to get home. The dad smiled and said well guys I had to go for a walk before I decided it was time to go home. And I enjoyed every minute of it. The man who gave him a ride heard all this and had to ask the guy why he would lie to his kids (thinking that he did because he did not want them to know how much it was on me to walk those 11 miles). But the guy said "I did not lie, while I walked I thought about life... I thought about how lucky I am, how busy the world has been before me. How many bad things have happened and when I found you and you offered me a ride? I realized that I needed this time to actually realize how important it is to make a move forward. That’s why I walked and not stayed behind. The guy also said you might think it was bad, because I was drenched in water and lighting filled the ski. Because I had to walk 11 miles to get to you. But it was the best miles of my whole life.


I put a side all the bad things before me and knew that in life it will all work out sooner or later. I just had to take a step and move forward


I put a side all the bad things before me and knew that in life it will all work out sooner or later. I just had to take a step and move forward... I had to find a way to resolve my problem. I did not sit there and hoped someone would come and get me. Nor did I pray someone would help me. I knew it was something I had to do myself. Not knowing what would and could have happened. But I knew that it would all work out.


How do I know this is a true story? that guy was me (LoveNHurtPoet). And I knew it would all work out. Regardless of what could and would have happened I knew it would work out.


In life we come across many tasks to over come... sometimes we feel its not fair of why we get the bad ones while others get better ones. We wonder why things are twice as hard for us. But I realized that regardless of how hard or how much I have to sacrifice, it will all work out. Don’t fear changes in your life. Don’t fear situations we call bad. Convert them to a positive one. In the end as you might have not noticed “It all works out.”


Henry/LoveNHurtPoet 07/16/2003


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