Finding You Again

 Looking back at the years, so many things happened in my life

Lost a friend and what I feel the best wife.

Said things I should never have, made many mistakes.

Some that I always thought could never be corrected,

For it was now felt, for it to be too late.

Lost the woman I still love, for the stupid things I said

When I look back, those things I said I always regret

But we learn and cry, even play sad songs.

I used to love being with her all night long.


Captured by her beauty, hypnotized by her warmth.

I can still feel those warm hands holding mine,

As I held her body close to mine.

I still remember those escapes by the ocean.

We would do what we liked, and then shared emotions.

Emotions that brought passion, an unbreakable bond

Not a worry as we made love, two people now as one.


All those good memories really made me sad

Only made me realize the love in her I still had.

Wanted to hold her, not give her more pain.

When I was hurt, I always made her feel drained.

I prayed and prayed I would one day see her in my life

I prayed she would also again be my wife.

But this dream now became a nightmare

Because when my mind thought it would happen

I turned and she was not there.


Strange how life, plays tricks on me.

One moment, I lost her forever,

And the next she will soon be next to me 

I will say hello and even give a hug

 As she gives me a smile. Something I never forgot.

She would smile and I would melt.

Bringing back those moments and feelings that I felt.

Then I will feel tears drip from my eyes

When I realize I finally found you again in my life.





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