Happy Birthday To Me


Today is my birthday, A day to feel happy and glad.

But Instead I'm here alone feeling really sad.

The only one gift that I really want, can't be given.

Not even for a second in my remaining life.

Nothing else seems to have meaning,

I guess this day will pass, and I will be just fine.

No candles to blow, no presents to open.

I don't feel like its worth celebrating this day.

An empty feeling in my heart,

Mother I wish you were here with me today.


I remember as tears drip down from my eyes,

Those loving kisses that you gave

You never forgot about me on my Birthday.

As you lit the candles you always had a smile  

You made sure I felt special, going that extra mile.


Then came those nice sayings

"You're so beautiful, Happy Birthday my son."

"I am happy to be here with you,"

You're too sexy for this cake she sung. :)


And then came the presents,

Things she knew I wanted and did not have.

She bought presents for my boys to give me,

She knew they were too young to do that.

But the truth always came out,

When my son looked over and said out loud

Grandma gave me the money to buy you this clown.

I smile and say, I know, you wanted grandma to help you

with buying me this clown somehow.


And then came the finger full of cake on my face

As she sang happy birthday.

Those were the best of my days.

Now i'm sitting here, writing this poem.

Crazy to some of you, saying its time to let go.

But how can one let go? I just don't know how.

There never was a better way to celebrate this day.

Then to have my mother with me singing

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! out loud.

I miss you Enrique.R

E.R 07/15/2003


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