Thereís no cure as of yet, for these feelings I feel.

I do nothing right, while others tell me "take a depression pill".

A pill that makes you drowsy and even in a daze.

How can a pill get my mind out of this confusing maze?


He says he loves me, yet he treats me wrong.

He says I will find no other, deal with things and be strong.

He says Iím just a nagger and canít seem to stop.

But is it wrong to want to express the hurting feelings I got?

He tells me I make a big thing out of everything he does.

I thought a big deal is being abused and stressed out a lot.

He tells my friends and family, Iím crazy and he does not know why.

When I try to explain how he treats me? he makes me start to cry.

I canít say anything when he closes his mind.

But when I say Iím leaving? He begs to change my mind.

I canít continue to live like this, the depression is getting worse.

I am starting to feel, a penny is what Iím worth.


Ever feel these things in your life? We seem to see it each day.

Depression is a killer because I tried to kill myself today.

If not for the people in my life, who stopped my crazy thoughts.

Told me to just leave him, I had all the right cause.


No abusive person is worth your tears, let alone your life.

Depression will start to enter, and destroy your body and mind.

You wont feel like your loved, or even cared for.

But itís a mind game that those abusers have played before.

You need to get out, and walk away.

Before Depression takes your life one day.

 HR 05/16/2003


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