A new day with sunlight and smooth winds.

Flowers bloom, summer begins.

Nature shows the beauty of life

Rose’s bloom, what a beautiful sight.

All seems perfect, the beauty is there.

A life worth living, things seems perfect everywhere.


I stretch and a yawn opening my eyes to the light.

Ready to take on, a day full of life.

A cup of coffee as I see out side,

Children with smiles on there face.

A silent moment, with a daze look on my face.


I sit here and wonder why does love equals hurt.

A simple world, a complicated life.

Some live with smiles, some have to fight.

A world of love and also hurt and hatred

Why does life seem so negative?

Why do we seem to get hurt more by our relatives?


Without understanding, or expectation.

We live in a destructive generation.

We always seem to fail no mater what we try

The loss of a friend and a mother

Even someone who could have been a wife.

No understanding of why things come to an end.

We start by hello and soon friends

Then we use the word love, till it ends.


Math is not the answer to this part of my life.

I add 1+1 and seem to end up with 1 every time.

When we think we have someone, and we will never let go.

Then comes complications, followed by “I just don’t know”.

Confusion steps in, and then hurt takes a turn.

And before you realize this? Here comes loneliness again.


Where did I fail, what was it I did wrong.

If I love someone, why do I end up crying for her all night long?

If I think she truly loves me, then I’m told to set it free.

Why did things go wrong? Between her and me?

What part of learning about life did I forget?

Even if life is seen beautiful, Living I regret.

E.R 09/29/2003

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