A Picture and a Lie

  When I first logged on? You immediately said hello.

You said such nice things to me

You even expressed you wanted to get to know me taking things slow.

As we grew to know each other, somethingís I needed to tell

The picture on my profile was not me, the truth I began to tell.

You told me all along that my looks had nothing to do with it at all

You assured me, itís not whatís on the outside,

Itís my loving kindness that you adored


When you started to say you thought about me all day.

You could not get me off your mind.

I was a man to be admired for,

Even the one you always have been hoping to find.

I felt it was fake because it was just a vision of a face

That was not the person, who won your heart that day.


I did admit it. That was the only lie.

I had a picture of a nice looking man, physically fit,

But it was not me, someone who I prayed to one day be.

But youíre getting closer, I could no longer lie.


When I told you the picture was not mine?

You said so what? I told you itís whatís inside.

You asked me for a real picture of me

You saw it and said ďSee? Iím still here believe in meĒ


I know what I did was wrong?

But no one would speak to me.

I was judged for my looks,

It was a hello and send me a pic, and thatís all it took.

Not wanting to know who I am

So I decided to become a desired man.


Itís it a shame when we must hide

Wanting to be someone else, living this lie.

People are very visual, judge me not, your not GOD

But if anyone really got to know me?

I am more special than a picture of someone that Iím not.

Open your hearts, know people need love.

You never know if this person is the one you can truly love.


HR 8/16/2002




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