A fool I was for waiting

I was told that things would happen, If I give them time.

I was told to have faith and things will come out fine.

I waited and waited, Sometimes all night long.

Waiting to hear from him, Waiting for those late phone calls.

I was stupid in so many ways, Thinking that he really cared.

the hurt getting stronger, I knew for me, he would never be there.

I fell in love with him in this world, bringing my walls down low.

I believe in his words, I believed all feelings were true.

Now I sit here in tears, like the fool I have become sad and blue. 

I hope somewhere in this world; he is doing fine.

I tried to give it my all, Even if it drained my loving mind.

I find it hard right now, While sitting here feeling down.

That anyone really loved me, While feeling like a foolish clown.

It hurts me so bad; I felt life meant nothing at all.

I cried myself to sleep, not wanting to be in this world at all.

To anyone out there in this world so cruel and bad

When someone tells you to wait for them,

Make sure you can wait for them, without feeling sad

Let them not keep you waiting, time can really fly

Make sure there worth your patience, be not a fool like I  


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